MR. Travel

with: Wei Chia Liu and Chia Nian Chang
where: NTUST, Department of Industrial and Commercial Design, Taipei, Taiwan
when: Sep 2013 - Jan 2014

Project goal
Use an existing old design concept (vending machine) and repurpose it for a new design and business model.

Mr.Travel is a product service system concept that provides travellers with the desired information and items they need to start their journey in the country they have arrived to. It has vending machines with smart/touch screens placed in airports for foreign visitors that visit the country. The 30” smartscreen has an interface that is multi-language and allows the user to get information and products about the country. It is possible to order what you need online, on the Mr.Travel website, before you arrive in the country. Then, simply scanning your passport at the airport loads your order on the screen. The system also involves an app, which allows you to get information on your phone if it is desired.

Mr.Travel sells information about culture, traffic, hotels, restaurants and products like phone cards, tickets, adapter plugs and public transportation cards. The app contains coupons, maps and mini language lessons. Payment is possible with coin and paper cash, as well as credit or debit card. See the video for full explanation.


Several displays of the interface on the Mr. Travel vending machine.

Mr.Travel is located at airports, accessible for all travellers.

Mr.Travel is located at airports, accessible for all travellers.